PDUs and SEUs can be claimed for each ProjectCon® session that one attended. For PMI PDUs, browse and login to https://ccrs.pmi.org and enter the 10 digit Claim Code for each session you attended. The PDU value and Talent Triangle category will be automatically populated as it was approved by PMI. Claim Codes can be found here:

Activity Code Claim Code Course Description
IPC2018-S01 C002UZV8YY Morning Keynote – Tamika Catchings
IPC2018-S02 C002PO0KL8 A Place for the Agile Leader
IPC2018-S03 C002FPNBN0 Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
IPC2018-S04 C0024ASC12 Fail Fast Fail Safe
IPC2018-S05 C002HAUP3D How PMOs Can Enable Business and Organizational Agility
IPC2018-S06 C002JGR6A2 The Transformation of an Agile Purist to an Agile Mind
IPC2018-S07 C002VDAIHY Understanding Your Customer’s Needs
IPC2018-S08 C0027ZIPBZ Your Career in the Matrix – Are you trapped?
IPC2018-S09 C002ZEWESF Disciplined Agile – Winning the Race to Business Agility
IPC2018-S10 C0023YMW3S SAFe, Minds, & Corporate Culture
IPC2018-S11 C002GX7G4Y The #NoEstimates Movement
IPC2018-S12 C002X7WGDP The Impact of Hybrid/ Adaptive Approaches
IPC2018-S13 C002JO6HX2 The Super Hero Within! Actualizing Corporate Intrapreneurship
IPC2018-S14 C002ZZD1P8 Are You Agile Enough to Reinvent Yourself?
IPC2018-S15 C002J1VDX4 Driving Change in a Global Environment
IPC2018-S16 C002OA3EYD Fail Fast, Fail Safe
IPC2018-S18 C002ZBZ3Q4 The customer is not always right (and neither are you)!
IPC2018-S20 C00231JHWP The Super Hero Within! Actualizing Corporate Intrapreneurship
IPC2018-S21 C002AOM2UO A Deep Dive Look at How to Manage Outsourced Teams Effectively
IPC2018-S22 C002U26UDQ Disciplined Agile – Winning the Race to Business Agility
IPC2018-S23 C002RMKXV1 Improving Your Listening Mojo
IPC2018-S24 C002M2FI3O The Business of Agile: Better, Faster, Cheaper
IPC2018-S26 C002PZXL67 5 Easy Ways to Get Started with Scrum at Home
IPC2018-S27 C00272EES1 Finding Your Team’s Purpose
IPC2018-S28 C0026LZK5C Risk Management Keys in Mega Projects
IPC2018-S29 C002WCK2QA The customer is not always right (and neither are you)!
IPC2018-S30 C002GL460U What’s New in the PMBOK 6th Edition – A Demystifying Comparison Between 5 and 6
IPC2018-S31 C002XGA6QL Which Pill Have You Taken…Red or Blue?
IPC2018-S32 C00226REI3 Panel Discussion: Agility & Adaptability – Skills Needed for the Digital Project Manager
IPC2018-S33 C002UN20H3 Afternoon Keynote – Breaking Bad Leadership
IPC2018-S34 C002UJ5SJC Open Space – Session 1
IPC2018-S35 C002TCW401 Open Space – Session 2
IPC2018-S37 C002MWN734 The Future of The Profession
IPC2018-S38 C0024MOZCE The Future of The Profession
IPC2018-S39 C0028PARE0 Strategic Thinking : How to gain buy-in from decision makers